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"Thank you for your selfless dedication to God and spreading His Word. You have blessed us with your wisdom and knowledge of Scripture. We appreciate you for giving us your time in this wonderful Bible study. May God continue to use you and bless you indeed as He grants you your hearts desire."

Norma Shearin, former Spanish River Church in women's leadership/teacher

Lighthouse of Life~church planting/leadership

"I just wanted to say Thank You again for coming to our church and presenting such a wonderful message in word and song! We were all blessed and had some really great feedback given to us and to Pastor Mike that he announced from the pulpit. Our God is an awesome God!"


Debi Misterka/Women's Chairman

Barwick Road Baptist Church


"Over the years that I have known Sherry, she has accepted leadership roles in our church as she ministered to our youth, in the music ministry, as a deacon’s wife, and in the women’s ministry. In all of these roles—just like Simon Peter—she has been stretched, not only with her relationship with Jesus, but with her relationship with other disciples who also follow Jesus. We are challenged in this study not only to deepen our relationship with Jesus, but to do it in the context of serving and growing with other’s who are also following Jesus with their flaws as well.


I encourage you to join with Sherry as you walk with Jesus, Simon Peter, and the disciples into a daily journey of becoming what God has designed for us to become.”


Pastor Truman Herring

Senior Pastor of Boca Glades Baptist Church


A few of the women who have touched my life and influenced me to be who I am today. ~Sherry~

My silly side..go ahead...roll your eyes at me, it's okay. ~Sherry~

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